If you are just getting started Needle Felting here are a few recommendations for you to help you get started –

  1. Start out by taking the Needle Felting Basics course, this short course will help you understand my methods and techniques and what we are trying to accomplish in our needle felting.
  2. To get started you will want to learn how to make the best needle holder I have found for comfort and ease of use – DIY Needle Holder
  3. Learn how to make a pre-felted base to speed up your needle felting, you will be using these in many of the intermediate and advanced courses so you will want to be prepared – Pre-felted Wool Base course
  4. Start needle felting with one of the Beginner Courses:
    • The Sheep Course is a great place to begin. This course offers you an opportunity to see how needle felting works without having to be perfect. For the first 2 sheep you will be making 2 balls and putting them together. If you use the different wool that is suggested you will also learn how different wool felts. After building your skills making 2 easy sheep you will make a 3rd sheep with legs using most of the same techniques as the first 2 but adding a little more difficulty by adding the legs. A materials list is given at the beginning of the sheep course.
    • The Snowman Course is great for those that want an easy start that will give you a good idea what needle felting is about and build your confidence as well because you can’t go wrong. This course is also great for needle felting with kids. You will need to have made some pre-felted balls for this course.
    • The Felting on Fabric course is an easy course to help you learn how to manipulate the wool leaving you with a beautiful piece of art when you are finished. This course is also great to do with kids.
    • The Penguin Course is probably the most difficult of the beginner courses because you will be introduced to the shaping techniques. It also introduces adding colors.
  5. After successfully completing one or two of the beginner courses you can move on to the Intermediate courses. These courses teach even more techniques building on those you have already learned. The more you needle felt the better you get so I suggest completing as many of the courses as you can to build your skills and your confidence.
  6. Be sure to share pictures of each of your successes in the Success Story Forum so we can all praise your awesome work!

At anytime if you have questions or would like some feedback on your project feel free to post in the forums.