Chronic Pain? Manage it with crafts.More and more these days, you hear about people living with chronic pain. Whether due to an autoimmune condition, an old injury, or a myriad of other things, chronic pain is, well, chronic. Thankfully, researchers in England have discovered a link between crafting and chronic pain management.

A small qualitative study looked at knitters in the UK who were living with chronic pain. It also followed a small contingent who were part of a knitting group in a pain management unit. They discovered that the knitters found an increased sense of purpose, meaning, and control as a result of their crafting. Those who were a part of the face-to-face group also reported feeling less isolated and alone. They also found that the act of crafting served as a distraction from the pain.

While the crafting didn’t take away the pain, it certainly improved the lives of those who were struggling. I know the study looked at knitting, but I would imagine the data could be extrapolated to include needle felting as a part of it. Who among us hasn’t felt a sense of purpose when we’re creating new felted critters? And, needle felting may prove more accessible to those with limited mobility as a result of their chronic illness. It can be done with fewer, smaller movements than knitting.

If you’re looking to reap the community benefits of your needle felting hobby, consider starting a meetup! I’ve written some tips for getting started here. Or, if you’re looking for a way to foster connection at home, consider joining my needle felting academy! You’ll get access to video tutorials and more! The best part, though, is that you’ll be joining a community of felters, just like you! You can connect with felters from around the world, share your successes, and help each other through the tricky bits.

Working through pain is much easier when you’ve got a sense of purpose, and a community around you. Won’t you join ours? We can’t wait to meet you!