Needle Felting And Fine ArtIt never ceases to amaze me how we as everyday people can transform natural materials into detailed creatures, vivid floral & fauna, carefully crafted clothes and accessories, and anything else you could dream up! For most crafters, sitting in front of a project is like entering a new world—one where there are no rules or limits.

Sure, needle felting, knitting, basket weaving, and crocheting might be considered ‘hobbies’ to some, but talented crafters across the world use their gifts to sustain their families, build tools for everyday life, and create a new definition of ‘fine art.

The needle felting community is growing rapidly, and among us are some gifted artists who are spreading their talents to an entirely new audience. Whether you’re an art aficionado or would like some inspiration for your next needle felting project, you’re going to want to have a look at some of these incredible creators who are taking the art of needle felting to new heights!

Zoe Williams

With a certificate in Fiber Art from the University of Washington, Zoe’s signature themes include inspirations from the kawaii subculture and the creation of otherworldly critters. By incorporating resin crystals with her signature white felt, Zoe flips the idea of needle felting on its head with her modern, quirky creations. And if you want to catch her work live, it’s easy! Her exhibitions span the United States.

Katy Barsotti

Some gals really do have it all. And illustrator, author, and felter, Katy Barsotti, proves that there are no divides between the realms of creativity. Her felted pieces appear as though they jumped off the page of a child’s storybook. Charismatic, peculiar, and loads of fun, Katy’s creations can teach us all a lesson—live a little, and don’t take things so seriously!

Shana Kohnstamm

The best way to describe Shana’s work—it’s the Little Shop of Horrors come to life! The shapes, curves, and ebb & flow of Shana’s creations truly transport you to another dimension. With vibrant hues of purple, pink, and green matched with the rich textures and attention to detail, these needle felted works of art have been displayed in exhibits across Tennessee, sparking conversations every step of the way.

Stephanie Metz

How does engaging our sense of touch transform the way we view art? Stephanie Metz allows both worlds to collide in her upcoming, hands-on sculptural experience, In Touch. This California-based artist likes to explore what happens when you mix wildly contrasting textures. Her pieces are, at times, larger than life—and having the opportunity to touch and see her felted work is a true gift in and of itself.

Whether you dream of your creations being on display for all to see or simply enjoy a crafting night with the girls, at the Bear Creek Felting Academy, you’re welcome anytime!

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