Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy} Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy}

Right now the only thing making it possible to have home cooked meals in our home, with our schedule is the Freezer Meal Plan Membership from MyFreezEasy.

My daughter became interested in cooking about 4 years ago and she soon took over everything in the kitchen including making the menu, getting the groceries and making all of our meals.  This was an incredible help to me as I was able to continue growing my business and homeschool without worrying about the cooking.  Most of the time I didn’t even know what was in the cupboards and when the boys asked whats for dinner, I didn’t know and wasn’t even concerned, I just let my daughter handle it.

Well, my daughter graduated from our homeschool in May and is now in college.  This forced me to start familiarizing myself with the kitchen again and I admit, I was kind of looking forward to it, but at the same time worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with everything.  I had discussed freezer cooking with homeschooling friends and even attended a freezer meal workshop at our homeschool convention thinking this might be the answer. You can imagine then, that I was super excited when given the opportunity to try out MyFreezEasy!

I will first explain how MyFreezEasy works and then share how it has kept me and my family from starvation.


MyFreezEasy is an Easy way to get started in freezer cooking!  Every month there are new meal plans to choose from.  Each meal plan includes 5 different recipes and makes 10 meals to put in your freezer.  (except the 20 meals plan of course)

  • Traditional Meal Plan consisting of a variety of recipes that can be assembled and in your freezer in an hour.
  • Gluten Free Meal Plan
  • Slow Cooker Meal Plan
  • Clean Eats Meal Plan
  • 20 Meals Plan
  • All Chicken Meals Plan
  • All Ground Beef Meals Plan
  • All Pork Chops Meals Plan

There is an option of making your own meal plan as well by swapping out different recipes. Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy}

Once a plan is chosen you can print out the necessary papers.

  • Prep Day Shopping List by Recipe
  • Prep Day shopping List by Store Section
  • Meal Assembly Instructions and Pre-cook and chop instructions
  • Assembly by Recipe (Set out on the Counter)
  • Complete shopping list by Recipe
  • The five recipes including; cooking directions for single meal as well as assembly prep directions for 2 meals.
  • Labels to label each of your freezer meals.

You can have Erin cook right along side of you as she has videos for each of the meal plans of her preparing them in her kitchen. She also has a Facebook group you can join and share your questions and ideas with others that are using the MyFreezEasy plan. Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy}


I have never done freezer meals before but I had been thinking about how it may help me out in the absence of my daughter, so I was ready to jump in and give it a try.  I was actually kind of excited about it.  I will try to answer some questions you may have about giving this a try.

Can you really prepare 10 meals for the freezer in one hour?

Since starting with MyFreezEasy I have prepared 3 of the meal plans.  (3 separate times choosing a plan and assembling the meals for the freezer)  The first time I used the Traditional Meal Plan for the month.   My husband and I working together did not get done in one hour.  I chalked this up to it being our first time and it was only about 45 minutes over.  The second time was a little better, I knew what I was doing, what to have my husband do and read through everything before hand.  The 3rd time it was over 2 hours, but I figured out why.

  • When the recipe calls for shredded cheese, I was shredding the cheese myself.  (I’m stubborn about shredded cheese)  Shredding my own is cheaper and I think it tastes better.
  • One of the recipes called for bacon crumbles.  I realize you can buy such a thing already cooked and crumbled but we have an entire pig in our freezer.  So I cook the bacon and crumble it myself.

There are more examples, but I am sure you get the idea.  I believe it is possible to prepare these meals for the freezer in an hour, but not the way I do it.  The longest time was 2 1/2 hours, which is still amazing to me, because in the end I had 10 meals in the freezer.

Are the recipes good?

I have tried 15 of the recipes in the meal plans.  Some we absolutely love, most of them at least some of us loves and only one recipe we all disliked.  The first time I used the Traditional Meal Plan and I didn’t even look at any of the recipes, I just went with it.  I didn’t really want to have to sit and sift through all of the recipes, so this was quick and painless.  This is the time we found the one recipe that none of us liked.

The second time I went with the pork meal plan and switched a couple recipes out with a few I thought looked good and the third time I put together my own plan.  We have been happy with all of these recipes.

Are the recipe ingredients easy to find in a regular grocery store?

I found all the ingredients easily.   There were no exotic, expensive items.  I live in the middle of North Dakota where there are not very many choices for exotic ingredients, so this is definitely a plus.

How do you know what to do when you take the meals out of the freezer?

There are printable labels that come with each meal plan.  You place these stickers on your meals before you put them in the freezer along with the date and when you pull them out, the instructions are right there for you to read on the sticker.  This is not only perfect for me, but my family can dig through the freezer and prepare there own meals when I am not home.  This is also great for providing meals for a mother who has just had a baby, just put some meals in her freezer with the info she needs right on them.

Our Thoughts

This has to be one of my favorite review opportunities of all time!  This came at the perfect time for me and has blessed me tremendously! I am definitely recommending this to my friends who are stressed out about preparing good wholesome meals for their families.

I love that there are slow cooker options, skillet options, baking options that fit with every possible situation.  If I know we have something going on in the afternoon, I take a slow cooker meal out of the freezer the night before and put it in the crock pot in the morning so that it is ready when we get home for supper.

The very best part is not having to pause school and prepare our lunch, it’s ready and all I have to do is put it in the oven.

I could go on and on, but its time for the boys to come home from football practice and I smell Swedish Meatballs cooking.  I know you will love the peace that MyFreezEasy offers as much as I do!  Check it out and give it a try.  Any questions?  Ask in the comments section below.

 Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy}

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