There is something about the look and feel of wool that can make you feel cozy and warm. The warmth and texture it adds can give your home the feel of fall and that homemade look as well.  If you like that warm, cozy, homemade feel in your home you have come to the right place.  If you enjoy making things for your home you will be super pleased with the felting projects for fall, inspiration and information you will find here.
Above are a few ideas on color combinations for needle felted pumpkins.  The green and dark orange pictured above go beautifully together as do the natural colors of grey and white.  If you are interested in learning more about how to make needle felted pumpkins you will find a kit with everything you need to get started making pumpkins here. Don’t worry, it is easy and perfect for beginners.   Once you have learned how you can enjoy making these fun color combinations.
If you know how to needle felt a pumpkin you will have no trouble at all making all of the fruit for a cornucopia.  The rich beautiful colors and texture in this cornucopia would make a beautiful centerpiece.

This adorable turkey would go nicely with the cornucopia pictured above.  The Turkey is available as a kit as well and can be found here.  It is a tiny bit more difficult to make than the pumpkin kit, but once you have mastered the pumpkin you will be ready to move on and learn a few more felting techniques.  The Turkey and Pumpkin Needle Felting Kits come with everything you need along with detailed instructions with pictures of each step.  The bonus?  The wool comes from my flock of sheep.

Want to learn more about needle felting?  Check out these posts for more information.

needle felted moose wip

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