How much wool should I buy for a needle felting project?

I have been asked this questions many times over the years and understandably so.  If you have never needle felted before or have just begun, how do you know how much wool you will need for a project?  I have taken some pictures with information on the weight of wool needed to make a certain needle felting project that I hope will be a good guide for you to follow.

Wool will shrink down to about half of it’s size when needle felted, a good thing to understand when you are out shopping for wool.  This is a good place to start, but I hope to offer more guidance with the pictures below.

Each of the sculptures in the pictures are solid Romney wool.  Next to each of the sculptures is the amount of wool I used to make the sculpture.  This is a good visual guide to understand how much it shrinks down when felted.  Below each picture I include the weight of wool and the size dimensions of the sculpture.

The dragon is 2 inches tall.

I used .2 ounces to make this dragon.

This Bear Creek Snowman is 7 inches tall.

I used 3.2 ounces of wool to make him.

This loon sculpture measures 12 x 6 x 5 inches.

I used 6.6 ounces of wool to make this needle felted loon.

The Bear Creek Bunny is 4 inches tall.

I used .5 ounces of wool to make this bunny.

This giraffe sculpture is 12 1/2 inches tall and 8 inches long.

I used 4.2 ounces of wool to make this giraffe sculpture.

Please keep in mind that you will always want to buy more than you need because it is not fun to run out of wool before you are finished!

If you would like to learn more about needle felting you can read more articles here or try out one of my easy beginner needle felting kits!