Keep the Kids Busy With Needle FeltingSummer is finally here! It’s time for swimming pools, beach trips . . . and unexpected rainstorms. Sometimes a rainstorm can be nice to cool things down or cut the humidity. But, as anyone with children knows, rainy days can lead to a whole lot of BOREDOM!

Now, it’s far too easy for kids to just plunk in front of a screen for the day. Whether it be a computer, a TV, a tablet, a phone, a gaming system, any way you slice it, it’s still screen time. If you’re looking for something to keep the kids occupied even if the power goes out, look no further than needle felting.

Why Needle Felting?
Needle felting is such a great option for children for so many reasons. First, it’s an active activity. Even the most docile child won’t pass up an opportunity to repeatedly stab a ball of wool. It’s a great way to get out a lot of that pent-up kinetic energy.

Second, it’s a creative process. From imagining what character they’ll create to figuring out how to translate their vision in wool, every child’s imagination will be firing on all cylinders for this activity.

Finally, they actually get something out of it! I don’t know about you, but if I’d known how to make my own cuddly toys as a child, my room would have looked more like Noah’s Ark than a bedroom.

Oh, and as a bonus for parents, it’s an activity that doesn’t require a lot of hands-on attention. Sure, you’ll need to be close by just in case of a poked finger, or to guide problem-solving, but you can read a book, do some work, or create a felt critter of your own!

How To Get Started
One of my favorite ways to get the kids involved in a project is to start by reading a story. If you pick a book that’s a bit longer, and that has fewer pictures (like Harry Potter, or The Hobbit), the kids will have to use their imagination more to decide what the characters and creatures look like. Then, each of us picks a character to recreate in wool.

You’d be amazed at the orcs and witches and Cowardly Lions that have come out of our crafting sessions. Once you get an idea, you just pick up a needle and go!

If you’d like a little extra help getting started, why not join my academy? You’ll get access to video tutorials that you can watch together as a family. And, if you get stuck on a project, there’s a community of felters just like you with their own tips, tricks, and hacks to create the most adorable felted masterpieces.

Once you’re all hooked on felting, you’ll never need fear a rainy day again! Happy summer, and happy felting!