the joy of giving handmade needle felted giftsI don’t know about you, but if I kept every item I felted, my house would look more like Noah’s Ark than anything else! I love giving needle felted items as gifts to people. Not only does it keep my house from being overrun by a very furry stampede, but people seem to love the extra thought that goes into a handmade gift. If you’re heading to a christening, wedding, or thinking of the upcoming holidays, here are some reasons you may want to consider handmade gifts.

The Joy of Savings

Firstly, making something yourself is a great way to save money. Instead of spending an exorbitant amount on a toy that will break or a vase that will only come out once a year, you can create something from wool you already have at home. (Come on now – you know you have a bag or a drawer or a room full of leftover wool from various projects.) You’ve already got your needles and your cushion – the only other thing you need is an idea.

The Joy of Customization

Nothing says “I was thinking of you” more than giving someone their favorite animal, or a meaningful felt pin, or even a pair of needle felted mittens (a friend once made a pair for me). If you know someone well enough to give them a gift, chances are you know what things they love. Whether it be a character from their favorite movie, or an original creation appropriate to the event (a felted bride and groom for a wedding, an angel for a First Communion, etc.) customizing your gift for your loved one is a great way to show you care.

The Joy of Crafting

Not only are you giving a great gift that they’re sure to love, you’re also getting something in return. Personally, I’ll take any excuse to get out the ol felting kit, so felting gifts seems like a natural choice for me.

If you need help choosing the right project for your loved one, consider using one of our Needle Felting Kits for inspiration. Another great option is to join my academy! You’ll get access to courses, videos, and a community of felters like you who can help you through tricky spots, offer feedback, and help you brainstorm ideas for your third cousin’s second wedding gift. Sign up now! We’re waiting to craft with you.