Ever catch yourself going on and on about something because you’re so excited about it? Of course! We all do it, especially when the topic aligns with our passion (and some of us need to dedicate an entire blog to sharing our passion – ha!).

Well, this week, I realized that I talk so much about how amazing the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy is (and it is!) that I’ve been overlooking the individual courses that you can add on to your monthly or annual core membership and are included in the All Access membership.

For instance, in my Zebra course, I’ll be teaching a new wire-free technique – a way to do legs without felting around wire. This technique will also find its way into my other courses, but if you’d like an alternative way of creating beautiful yet sturdy legs, then this is the class for you!

I’m also adding classes for creating a rooster, hippo, bison, and teddy bear. Yes, I am always adding new animals and challenges to our aQ courses, so there is always more to learn.

While I’m sharing, I need to tell you about some of the other fabulous add-on classes if you’re interested in improving your needle felting skills. 

Our dog lovers gravitate to the basset hound course because truly that face is irresistible! You’ll come away with a better understanding of creating expression in the eyes while also learning to do those long, floppy ears.

If you are obsessed with pigs, there are two courses to choose from. The Pig Course will teach you about legs and structure while the Open Mouth Smile Course will have you adding joyful expressions to pigs, bunnies, and more.

For our advanced needle felters, there are courses for camels, donkeys, cows, Scottish Highlander, and of course, lambs. (Did I mention it’s lambing season?) With each class, you can choose to hone a particular skill from creating the smooth coat of the camel to the wild and wonderful look of the Scottish Highlander. And if you take the Zebra course first, you may change how you do legs!

I knew when I created the Academy that not everyone wanted to work on the same animals or skills, so the variety is built into the structure. The part I knew would not be optional was the fostering of a community, and I know we got that right!

There is one course that’s also available separately from membership because we wanted everyone to have the knowledge, and that’s the Do it Yourself Guide to Dyeing Natural Fibers. If you want to feed your addiction to fibers and wool, you will enjoy learning how to dye your own fibers. You will never again have the excuse that you can’t find the perfect color once you know how to create it! You’ll learn all about dyeing natural fibers using different techniques, plus we will cover hand painting and tie-dyeing, and we will even help troubleshoot some common problems.

Within the Core Academy, you’ll also have access to classes for needle felting basics, washing wool, quick tips, and how to make a DIY needle holder. Mostly, you will connect with others who are just as passionate about needle felting and are making some pretty incredible animals.

The All Access Academy grants you access to all the courses so if you are looking to totally immerse yourself in learning needle feting this is a good choice for you. You will never have to purchase a class for as long as you are a member plus you get 15% off all supplies.

Speaking of Passions

I’m also excited to provide an update on our Nome Schoolhouse project! Phase one is wrapping up, which means we are putting the finishing touches on the gym. This means Chris and I will be able to move our businesses into the space and will finally get to work side-by-side. It’s exhilarating to see our dream of creating a dedicated fiber arts haven coming true.

Once we are working out of our new space, we will be able to invite people to come work with us in person, meet our sheep, and stay in the school. We will be creating retreats, workshops, and other structured events, but we plan to leave lots of unstructured time open to work one-on-one with the community. Phase two, which includes the renovating the school and its addition will begin late spring/early summer. 

Send us a note and subscribe to our mailing list if you’re interested in the Nome Schoolhouse event schedule and happenings!

Subscribe to our EweTube Channel where we give weekly updates on our school project as well as answer fiber arts questions and let you know what we are creating.

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