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Changes are coming soon to the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy – Join before February 24, 2019 to become a Legacy Member! As a Legacy Member none of the changes will effect you for as long as you remain a member.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I get complete access to everything right away?
Yes!  Every course, every resource, every training is available as soon as you become a member.
Are the courses at specific times, or are they videos that I will be able to access at my convenience and pause, review and continue as I work?
There are a variety of courses at all skill levels that are available for you to view at your convenience at any time during your membership.  The courses are videos that you can pause, review and continue as you work.
Is there any limit as to how many courses I can access over the length of my membership?
You will have access to all the courses throughout the length of your membership.  There is no limit.
Is a yearly membership for a calendar year, or for twelve months from the time I enroll?
The yearly membership continues for twelve months from the time you enroll.
After my initial yearly membership, if I were to enroll for another year, would there be new courses or only the ones I have already had access to?
New classes are added all the time.  You will have access to the new courses as they become available as well as the old ones.
Does the membership allow members to communicate with each other?
Yes.  There is a forum where you can communicate with other members, share pictures, files etc.  I am in the forums as well to answer questions and give feedback on your work.
Are the materials for the courses provided with the membership?
No.  A materials list is provided for each course with the amount and colors of wool needed as well as other supplies.  You are welcome to source your own materials, use what you have on hand or purchase a course kit from Bear Creek Felting.
I would like to become a member of the Felting Academy, but.. I'm from Spain, Is this possible? .
The Academy is all online, the courses and forum are all accessible from anywhere.  It is in English.  I do offer the course supplies which are not necessary for you to purchase but are available for your convenience and I do ship to Spain.  You can find the materials locally as well, whatever works best for you.