Needle Felting my first Giraffe

Have a little peek into my felting studio to see the process of felting my first Giraffe.

This is the very beginnings.  A couple hours have already been spent on the making of a giraffe.

Here you can see the slow progress that is made in the next couple of hours.

Now we can see some progress!

Several hours spent on the legs and feet!!

An entire afternoon dedicated to the details of the head.

A giraffe getting its spots!

All done!  He is available to purchase in my etsy shop.




  1. beautiful giraffe! Thanks for sharing the stages. It’s unbelievable how much time is spent. Did you use wire to get him to stand?

    • Hi Nancy, Thank you so much! I did use wire in the legs to make him more sturdy. Not very fun to felt around but necessary to keep such long legs straight.