There comes a time in every needle felters life when they’re caught in the unknown. They’ve been felting creations for quite awhile and their collection is growing and growing. They’ve given a handful of needle feltings away and they don’t want to stop crafting, but they’re not really sure what to do with all of these things they’re making. Are you there yet?

One of the things I like to recommend to people is selling. There’s definitely a market for needle felted creations. In fact, these days, many people are actively looking for creative, handmade goods to buy instead of simply buying the same old things from the big box stores.

The hardest part of selling something you make is reaching the right audience and standing out to them. We all know there are loads of sellers online, many selling similar creations. Finding a way to differentiate yourself and your creations from theirs can be a challenge. Fortunately, with a little help from me, you can successfully get your needle felting business going.

Tips for Needle Felting Selling

Are you ready? Here’s what you need to do to start selling your needle felting creations:

  • Craft!

    That’s why we’re here. Maybe you’ve joined my Academy. Maybe you’ve been practicing needle felting for years. Your creations are piling up around your home, you will want get started making more, because it is a time-consuming process. You will also want to build up a good inventory.

    In order to sell your needle felting creations, you need to create. Before you get started, make sure you’re stocked up on high-quality materials such as wool, needles, and even some craft kits.

    Decide what you want to create. Find something unique and different that you love making. When I started selling I focused on my snowmen and Bear Creek Bunnies. I loved making these, and the more I made the cuter they got and more popular. Even though I was making the same things, their personalities and character was different enough that my customers wanted to collect them.  Focusing on just a few products will make it easier and that is all you need to get going.

    Once you know what you’re going to make and you have the materials you need, start crafting. Build up your inventory so that when you’re ready to launch, you have a decent number of products to sell.

  • Price

    You may not make a profit on the time you put into making them right away. That will come with time, as you build your following, and your demand increases to the point you can’t keep up, then it’s time to increase your prices.

    When you’re choosing your prices, factor in everything it took for you to make your creation. This includes the materials, packaging materials, and all of your time. Make sure that your prices make up for whatever you put out in the creation of the item and then give you profit on top of that.

    I typically start at the lower end of price (still ensuring that I am making a profit) and raise prices if there is demand. Take some time to figure out how to price your creations in order to make a profit before you put your products out there.

  • Market

    Marketing is essential. You’re not going to sell to anyone (except maybe your mom and best friend) unless you actually market your business. Marketing involves a number of aspects such as discovering your target market, branding, creating an online presence, engaging on social media, and participating in craft fairs.

    The way that you market your business is the number one factor in your ability to stand out from other makers. Figure out what makes you unique and tell your story in order to connect with your audience. Build a website and social media presence where people can learn about you and your products. Spend time engaging with your audience to build connection and get them excited about your brand.

    Get your business out there and build awareness of your brand through regular social media engagement, pay-per-click ads, and even by participating in events. Make sure and participate in any local craft fairs and events to meet and engage with your local audience.

    If you keep on crafting, pay attention to your prices, and focus on making your business stand out, you can build a successful needle felting brand. Let me know when you launch!

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