If you’re anything like me, crafting is part of your soul. I absolutely love the entire process of transforming raw materials into a work of art. While needle-felting is my jam, I truly enjoy any type of crafting and I’m always thrilled when I get the opportunity to learn something new.

Market research tells us that the process of learning new crafts is difficult for most makers. Take a look at these statistics:

  • 78% of crafters say it’s difficult to find clear instructions & identify the right tools and materials necessary to complete a creative project
  • 51% of crafters say one of the biggest challenges is purchasing and sourcing necessary tools and materials to get started
  • 50% of crafters have a difficult time deciding what projects to make

It’s not that the craft itself is challenging to learn, it’s all of the details surrounding the craft. It’s hard to get started, it’s hard to find instruction, it’s hard to gather the necessary materials.  Unless someone is deeply motivated, there’s a good chance they’ll quit before they really begin. If we don’t want the lost arts to actually become lost, we need to do something about this. 

That’s part of the mission of Bear Creek Felting. It’s one of the main reasons we purchased the property at the Nome Schoolhouse, opened our shop, and started the Academy. Crafting is so good for you, and it’s our desire to make learning a new craft easy for anyone.

Bear Creek Felting takes the guesswork out of creating by sourcing the best methods, high-quality tools, materials, and supplies so crafters can stop thinking, researching, and second-guessing themselves in order to just start making.

From providing the opportunity to nourish the creative spirit on a daily basis to building a digital community filled with a host of benefits, Bear Creek Felting’s goal is to make the act of learning a brand new craft simple, easy, and attainable. At BCF, our work puts market research to shame. We look at those statistics and say “Bah! Watch what we can do!”

Our in-person and online classes, plus the resources and materials sold in the shop, make it simple for anyone to learn a new craft. The BCF goal is to make it feel like you have your own personal crafting mentor with you all the time. 

Learn to craft with ease with Bear Creek Felting. Check out the shop to see the wools, tools, needle felting kits, and courses we have available. Join the Academy for encouragement, support, and step-by-step instruction as you start on your crafting journey! 

From now on, remind yourself, “I will not be a statistic,” and start learning a new craft!

Learn to Needle Felt the Easy Way!

I’m Teresa Perleberg

a needle felting sculpture artist, raising a flock of sheep and teaching others how to needle felt as well as sharing my farm experiences.

~Sheep, wool, farm-life, spinning, dyeing, knitting is what I love.

My mission? To help others learn to needle felt the easy way.

needle felted animals

Let me show you how you can easily create beautiful sculptures

by using the correct supplies and techniques

I have helped over 10,000 learn how to needle felt through my needle felting kits and even more who have received personal instruction from me through my Online Needle Felting Academy.

Now it’s your turn! I would love to help you get started today!

Join the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy today!

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