Stepping into the golden years of retirement doesn’t mean merely sitting in your favorite armchair by the window, a cup of tea in hand, watching the world go by – although that does sound great!

To maintain a great quality of life as we age, it’s essential to keep our minds healthy and active. One way to do this is to engage in a creative activity like needle felting. Along with the countless other benefits, studies have shown that involvement in activities like
this can significantly improve the later years of our life!

Let’s take a look at some of the other ways arts and crafts can benefit our senior community!

A Feeling of Accomplishment

Throughout our working lives, many of us will experience the satisfactory feeling of a job well done. Unfortunately, when we retire, that sense of accomplishment and pride can be hard to come by.

Being creative is a way for those who have retired to reclaim this feeling of accomplishment while also providing them with a sense of competence and greater self- esteem.

Increased Well-being

Our brains age along with our bodies, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that our creative abilities deteriorate or disappear altogether!

Our mind is constantly reshaping and restructuring itself, especially when we create art. With these changes comes increased cognitive functioning as well as enhanced emotional, mental, and physical well-being!

Reduced Feelings of Isolation

Now more than ever, the elderly members of our community are dealing with the often debilitating effects of social isolation. With care homes in crisis and senior programs no longer able to run, many are struggling to cope.

Getting involved in arts and crafts, be it virtually or socially distanced, is proven to be a fantastic way of combating the adverse effects of social isolation!

More Independence

Crafting projects can often be modified to meet the needs of the person creating them. When creating art, the use of your hands can improve blood flow to the fingers and arms of those experiencing limited dexterity.

Creating a beautiful piece of art despite physical limitations can create a feeling of independence and pride for those involved.

An Expressive Outlet

As people age, they sometimes lose the ability to engage in the things they once loved. This age-related decline in an older person’s physical ability can be frustrating and overwhelming and can contribute to low quality of life.

A creative project such as felting, painting, or knitting can provide them with a much- needed way of expressing these hard to deal with emotions while also allowing them to reconnect with others.

The artistic opportunities for the elderly are endless and are a great way of preserving both physical health and mental health while maintaining a sense of community.

Our Needle Felting Academy is a community that provides a way to naturally connect with like-minded individuals and develop your felting skills, all while creating some fantastic pieces of art.

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