Needle Felting, Confidence & CommunityIf there’s one thing for sure, it’s that we could all use a little more human connection these days. Trapped behind our screens, bogged down by social media, and worn out from wearing our mother, sister, wife, teacher hats, it’s easy to succumb to low self-esteem and depression. That said, there’s an easy way to boost confidence while doing what you love.

Imagine this—it’s a sleepy Sunday afternoon and you get a notification on your phone, ding! It’s from a woman in your online needle felting group. She’s having trouble with a pattern, so you jump in to help because you had that same issue last week. Now, you’re immersed in positive discussions about crafting and creating. You’re able to tune out the background noise and connect.

Experts say crafting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and stress. And when you match that with previous research that proves social connectedness is at least as good for your health as quitting smoking or exercise, it’s easy to see why we feel so much better when we’re engaged in something we love with people who understand.

Researchers in New Zealand studied 25,000 adults and found that when a person’s level of social connection goes up, they experience better mental health and more confidence. So, exactly how can we find more social connection in our daily lives?

It may seem like the only way to boost your social connectedness is by making more friends. On the contrary, connection has nothing to do with popularity. Research finds what’s most important for your health, is belonging to a group. And as needle felters and crafters, we’re lucky to have such an amazing gift to share with one another.

If you’re looking to be part of a positive community, I’d love to invite you to join my Needle Felting Academy! Not only will you have access to video courses and continued support and feedback from me, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to engage with fellow crafters. Share ideas and needle felting hacks, chat, make new friends in the forums, and enjoy connecting with needle felters from around the globe.

Tell me, are you part of any other crafting groups?

Well when I first started at needle felting all I had was a book from the library and a-lot of get up and go to make something. I had dashed down to my local Spotlight (an Australian wool/craft place) and grabbed a needled felting mat and needles and some merino wool in different colors. The first thing I made was a Dalmatian dog, you know the white ones with black dots, i even got around to felting a red tongue to hang outside its mouth, and it sat up by itself. I was in seventh heaven, I then got on line to see what else I could do besides these dogs from a lovely person in japan, thats when I found BearCreek felting and OMG what a treasure to find in a world of confusion. Teresa has made things soooo simple, my constant stabbing at the merino was explained to me and when I got some of Teresa’s wool, zoom I had made rabbits, chipmunks, sausage dogs, mice and a teddy bear and sheep. The Romney wool is much much easier to felt and quicker and easier to shape into 3d shapes. And the information in her kits are clear and her photos and also exactly what you need to see to complete her wonderful kits!!!! and no I am not related to Teresa in any way but I would love to be closer to her as in the same country.

Mrs Lynda Haymes

Academy Member