When you hear the word “intelligence,” thoughts of world-famous thinkers like Einstein or Newton might pop into your mind purely for their scientific discoveries. But have you ever thought to link their success to creativity?

Intelligence is often associated with the ability to understand complex subjects such as maths and science, but few people are aware of the fact that understanding these subjects is helped mainly by the ability to access and utilize the creative parts of our brains.

Anything that engages creativity is excellent for your brain. In fact, there is a ton of scientific evidence proving that art enhances brain function and can actually change the way in which a person views the world through the impact it has on emotions, the nervous system, and levels of serotonin (the happy hormone) in the body! In comparison with science and math, art doesn’t require you to come to any form of a correct solution. Instead, it allows you to develop your own methods and come to your own conclusions. Involvement in creative activities has long been understood as an effective method of exercising our brains.

The human mind is designed to uncover creative solutions to all sorts of problems – be it a tricky maths equation or an artistic endeavor. When we use our hands to create, we increase activity in the brain, which in turn creates new connections between both hemispheres of the mind. As intelligence is commonly believed by scientists to be linked with the number of connections we have in our brains, the more we craft and create, the more of these connections we have and the smarter we become! When we make our brains work harder on things that they are not familiar with, such as learning a new skill like needle felting, our brains surge with the energy that is needed to keep our minds healthy, alert, and working at their best! Not only this, but the ability to make connections and discoveries as well as imagining new concepts is shown to improve psychological resilience – how effective a person is when it comes to adapting to new conditions.

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