We were all born creative – a fact that many of us seem to forget as we age, and life, with all of its craziness and responsibilities, takes over.

How many of us, as a child, found countless hours of entertainment from something as simple and seemingly mundane as a beat-up cardboard box? Or were able to create and happily live in a world of our own design?

When we are young, our curiosity is strong and our imagination stronger, but sooner or later, the real world starts to creep in, education and routine takes hold, and this innate innocence and unbounded mind disappears from view.

So how do we reclaim our creative powers? How can we begin to nurture our abilities to think outside of the box? And how will doing so help us progress in our careers?

Creativity in the workplace

The ability to tap into our creativity is an invaluable skill when it comes to the problem solving, decision making, and generation of new ideas that drive businesses forward. Creativity leads to the development of innovative ideas and solutions that can’t be
reached through traditional thinking methods. Those who regularly exercise their brain’s creative parts are better equipped to spot opportunities where no one else can. Involvement in artistic activities like needle felting expand your mind and expose you to
different perspectives when faced with problems. They encourage you to develop your own views, ideas, and opinions and provide you with the tools and experience to effectively express and bring these ideas to life.

Creativity reduces stress

Work and stress go hand in hand and are often seen as being a normal part of life. Not only is stress terrible for our health, but it also contributes to decreased job performance, greater risk of errors, and low quality of work!

Creative outlets like crafting are proven stress-relievers, often working like meditation. Engaging in these types of activities won’t only make you feel better but will increase your focus and performance at work too!

Introducing creativity to the workplace

Many people, especially those with a more logical approach to life, do not believe themselves to be creative. Although long forgotten, it’s easy to retouch with the creative mindset, desire for problem-solving, and inquisitive nature we once had as children.
By looking at the things you do in your everyday working life, whether it be a staff meeting or how you spend your lunch break, and simply asking yourself, “How can I do this task differently?” you can kick-start the creative juices and begin to develop habits that will change your attitude and your work-life for the better!

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