Quit Your Day Job Feature

I was excited recently to hear from Etsy that they wanted to feature me in their ongoing blog series.  The Quit Your Day Job series focuses on Etsy sellers that were able to quit their regular day job because of their successful Etsy shop.  It is quite an honor and has given me the opportunity to share what I’ve learned along the way as a business owner.

My regular day job has been raising my children and homeschooling them, I’m not able to quit that yet.  My husband on the other hand has worked a lot of overtime and for several years 2 jobs to support us.  I am happy to say that he has been able to scale back, switch jobs and is home by 2pm each day because of my Etsy business.

I have been very blessed with this business!  Thank you Etsy for the continued support and recognition!  Thank you to all of my customers that keep coming back!  I’m hoping to add some more exciting things this year, so stay tuned!

If you would like to read the article you can find it here.