Even your most treasured relationships in life can sometimes feel dull and repetitive. Whether it’s a date night with your husband or a weekend trip with your best friends, there are a few things you can do to spice up relationships that are turning stagnant. Similarly, your passions and hobbies can easily roll into the monotony of day-to-day life, losing the excitement they once had. We’ve all had moments in our needle felting journey when we’ve been bored by our projects. It’s likely you just need a bit of a perspective shift and a little spice added to your needle felting journey! Here are our top tips for adding some newness to your needle felting passion:

1. Change your habits surrounding the craft

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a specific hour of the day when you tend to needle felt. Perhaps you even have a “spot” in your house where you sit and work on your projects. While habits can definitely be a positive thing, they sometimes add to the stagnancy of what we’re doing. Next time you pick up your work, take it somewhere fun — whether it’s to a new room in your house or somewhere out in nature. You can also
try switching up the time of day during which you needle felt.
These may seem like simple changes, but you’d be surprised by how often your stagnancy has little to do with the craft itself and more to do with the surroundings.

2. Invite your friends to join you

Doing anything alone for too long can get boring, so make a list of friends who might be
interested in joining you to needle felt and start inviting them! They don’t necessarily
even need to be needle felting experts — If your friend doesn’t know how to needle felt
but has an interest in learning, grab them one of our beginner felting kits!

3. Go online for some inspiration

The internet is full of fun, inspiring ideas to get your creative juices flowing for your next
project! Visit Pinterest and make a needle felting board or check out our EweTube
channel for some fun needle felting videos!

4. Invest in some new materials

Sometimes getting a new material to work with adds the spice you need. If you’ve been
using the same wool for years, it’s time to switch it up and add some excitement to your
next project! Click here to browse our shop where you’ll find our incredible Dakota Spun
Yarn and other needle felting supplies!

5. Join our Needle Felting Academy

If you’re a needle felter and aren’t already part of our Needle Felting Academy, it’s time
to hop on board! Not only will you have a chance to grow your needle felting skills, but
you’ll also have access to an immersive community where you can make connections
with fellow needle felters!

Click here to check out our various membership options!

We hope these ideas help you spice up your needle felting passion! Did we miss
anything? Leave us a comment to tell us how you’ve added some fun and excitement to
your projects!

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