healthThere’s something absolutely magical about walking into a craft store. With endless possibilities and new projects awaiting at every turn, it’s no wonder felters quickly become obsessed with the project at hand.

But beyond the thrill of parading through the local craft store with ears perked for any looming deals, there’s a deeper connection that has neuroscientists buzzing. Scientists are finally able to understand the phenomenon that crafters have experienced since the beginning. And our secret is out! Creating, crafting, and designing helps with stress, patience, mindfulness, and hand-eye coordination!

So, how could something so simple do so much good? One word does a great job of summing it all up: flow! Scientists found that flow is really the key to happiness. It’s what allows us to be present, to not harbor on the mistakes we made yesterday, or stress about our to-do list next week. If you find yourself in a felting rhythm that almost feels trance-like…that’s flow! And this state of being has similar effects to meditation.

We all have days, weeks, or even months that go by where we just feel like things aren’t right. Maybe you’re feeling down, anxious, unmotivated, or just off? Grab your needle felting tools, find a cozy spot, and get carried away!

We all need an outlet where we can express ourselves, create, or just simply relax. And fortunately for us, needle felting gives our brain the exercise that many of us forget it needs.

If the thought of needle felting sounds like the opposite of relaxation, that’s ok too! Getting started can be confusing, and you can work for hours and not get the results you’re hoping for. That’s why I created the Needle Felting Academy!

With a stacked curriculum of video courses, a community of like-minded felters, and continuous help and support from me, the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy is the perfect place for beginners and crafters who have been needle felting for years!

So, what project are you going to get lost in next?