Here Comes the Bride: Needle Felting For This Year's Weddings Can you hear the bells? By now, your mailbox, refrigerator, and countertop are probably overflowing with engagement announcements, save the dates, and wedding invitations. That’s right, before you know it, we’ll be smack dab in the center of wedding season!

Spring and summer are synonymous with love. And why shouldn’t they be? The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and it’s the perfect time for friends and family to gather in celebration.

But with the endless amounts of gifts that the bride and groom will receive for their special day, how can you give them one that will last a lifetime? Maybe I’m a little bias, but I genuinely believe that there is nothing like a handmade gift. Knowing that someone took the time and energy to handcraft something just for you is a feeling like nothing else.

Put your craft skills to the test and leave a lasting impression with a needle felted gift! By incorporating the wedding colors, the season, or the location, you can transform a simple wedding gift into a keepsake for years to come.

Table Settings

Weddings are stressful and expensive! From the decorations to the food, every single dollar adds up, and thrifty couples everywhere are always looking for a way to save a buck without compromising the elegance of their event.

Want to give the lovely couple a gift the whole entourage will enjoy? Offer to create needle felted figurines to complement their table settings! Gentle doves, a bowl of flowers, wreaths with felted fruit, multi-colored garland—the possibilities are endless. Team up with the couple and ask them how you can contribute to the beauty of their ceremony or reception!


Take five minutes to scroll through Pinterest, and you’ll quickly notice that not all brides want the ‘traditional’ flower bouquet. Real flowers are costly, and they’re not always sustainably sourced.

A needle felted bouquet is gorgeous and unique. Instead of worrying about how a flower is sourced or how much it’s going to cost to ship it to the destination of choice, the bride can get as imaginative as she wants by picking flowers from her wildest dreams.

After you understand the colors, structure, and size of the flowers, you can get to work on building a custom bouquet that won’t die a few days after the ceremony!

Ring Holder

Back in the day, the groom would just pull the ring out of his pocket before the big ‘I do.’ But, with the popularity of social media, every single wedding detail has to be meticulous, and that includes how the ring is presented!

This gives you the opportunity to create a beautiful and functional gift that will help present this precious stone. Craft a dainty heart shape and wrap it with a silk ribbon that matches the wedding colors. The ring bearer can loop the ring through the silk creating a beautiful intertwined look while keeping the ring safe and secure.

Custom Card

We all remember what if felt like to be a young couple. There’s lots of excitement, a world of new experiences, and let’s be honest, not a whole lot of money! If you know the bride and groom could really use some cash to start their new life together, you can contribute to their future while adding a little something extra for them to remember you by.

Create a custom-made needle-felted wedding card! Sure, felting an actual card might not be the most aesthetically pleasing gift, that’s why you can craft a flat emblem that can be glued to the front of the card. To tie your gift in with the rest of the wedding, try needle felting a replica of the flowers from the bride’s bouquet, or you can easily integrate the couple’s initials, favorite color, or animal!

Wedding Topper

Let them eat cake! While they’re noshing down on multiple layers of Bavarian cream, strawberries, and frosting, they’ll get to look back at a wedding topper that’s unlike anything bought in stores. For a really tender topper, ask the bride and groom about their favorite animals.

Start working to create a minimalist version of these animals, topped with bow ties and veils, of course! This sweet touch is something that they’ll keep with them forever—a token of love from someone who wants nothing more than to celebrate their happiness.

Whether you’re hosting a wedding for a son or daughter or will be sitting on the sidelines watching the love unfold before you, this season is even more special with handcrafted keepsakes.

If you want to spruce up your skills before you craft treasures for other people, we’d love for you to join the Bear Creek Felting Academy! There’s no need to feel discouraged or overwhelmed. Our supportive community of needle felters is here whenever you need them, and I will be checking in with feedback and guidance every step of the way. Get the support and direction you need to take your crafting to new heights! Click here to learn more.