We’ve watched all the Netflix shows, picked up baking bread, and tried every at-home workout video. While we’re all a bit over social distancing, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t follow the rules and be careful! It also doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t enjoy our favorite pastime with our favorite folks!

Starting a needle felting club is the perfect way to create and maintain meaningful community and friendships amid the pandemic.

Here’s our guide to building community during this time by creating a social distancing needle felting club!

Step 1: Make your invite list

When starting your club, think through who would be a good fit for your group. Remember that needle felting, like most crafts, can be done by almost anyone and is the perfect way to unite people of different backgrounds and beliefs! You might be tempted only to invite needle felters, but don’t rule anyone out — you never know who could be the next needle felting lover! If you ask someone new to the craft, you might suggest that they grab one of our beginner felting kits, which will include all of the materials they’ll need to make their first project in practice for the group!

Step 2: Pick a time and place

Once you determine who wants to be in the group, pick a time that works with the majority! To limit the risk of exposure and make your friends feel as comfortable as possible, host your group outdoors in the open air. If you choose to host your group in a park, consider showing up a little early to reserve a spot!

Step 3: Be clear about rules and group expectations

With any group, it’s important to be clear about expectations from the get-go, but especially during COVID. Whether you come up with your rules alone or involve your group members, decide on expectations when it comes to social distancing and cleanliness and be sure to be in the know regarding your state and local rules. Will masks be required? Should chairs be spaced six feet apart? Whatever you decide on, be transparent with your group members, and remind everyone that the rules are for their safety!

Step 4: Pick your first group project

Now for the fun part — picking the perfect project for your group! If your group is made up of beginners and experts, choose a project that can be easily modified into something easier or harder, depending on skill level. Need some inspiration? Check out our cute animal sculptures or browse our EweTube channel for some fun ideas!

Can’t start a group? Join a virtual community!

Our Needle Felting Academy is a perfect way to expand your community and make connections around the country, even in the midst of COVID-19. The Academy will give you a chance to grow your needle felting skills while also communicating and collaborating with other members! Click here to check out our various membership options!

We hope this got you excited about starting your needle felting group! Let us know how your group is going, and be sure to send us your photos!

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