38 baby lambs and only one ewe left to go, we are very nearly finished with this lambing season.  It has been an exciting month here at Bear Creek with nice healthy lambs and excellent mommies.  Only one mom seemed indifferent to her new lamb, but has since come around somewhat.  She doesn’t show much love, but will tolerate it.  What a blessing it has been to have no trips to the vet or any complications.

The barn cameras have been a life saver for me and the sheep.  I get more sleep and work done and they get constant surveillance and care.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will have possibly figured out this years naming theme for the lambs.  We are studying North Dakota in our homeschool and decided to go with North Dakota counties for there names.  The Romney and Romney cross lambs follow the yearly theme while the Blue Faced Leicester are gods and goddesses.   The Wensleydale will always be cartoons with a different cartoon for each year.  This year we had our first Wensleydale lambs and they are Garfield, Arlene and Nermal.

I am sharing some of the cutest pictures I have taken so far here of the lambs, but if you are interested in seeing cute pictures daily you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram.