Back in 2014 I shared a project that I had been working on promising to share the results.  My kids were taking pottery classes and while they were learning I was sculpting this cow out of clay.  I had made only a few projects out of clay before this one, my favorite being the elephant.  Well, I promised to share the results no matter how they turned out, so here goes . . . . .

I was warned not to leave any air pockets in the clay.

I only worked on the cow while I was there, a couple times a week.  In between visits the cow was covered in plastic and kept wet.

I was nervous the cow wouldn’t survive the Kiln.

Here is a picture of my cow after her first firing.

This is a picture of her other side.

My friend Shellee said she cried when she took her out of the kiln.  She also said that we can probably fix it.  🙂  Since then Shellee had to relocate and other things like needle felting got in the way of us working on the cow.  You will want to stay tuned for part three of the clay cow series to find out if we were able to fix her.  After getting her down off of the shelf and taking pictures of her I am looking forward to seeing if we can fix her.  Maybe I will be willing to try again at another clay sculpture.


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