Needle Felted Moose WIP

I love to make these amazing creatures and this is my 7th Needle Felted Moose.  The second with beautiful antlers made by Ralph Trethaway.  You can find needle felted moose WIP pictures above showing the process that I go through in making needle felted moose.  This is the first time that I attached the antlers right away and then finished the rest while working around the antlers.  This was very helpful in getting the head to exactly the right size for the antlers and then making the body accordingly.  In the past I have made the entire moose and then attached the antlers so that I didn’t have work around the antlers the entire time. I have to say I didn’t enjoy working around the antlers and worrying about them breaking every time I flipped him over, but I think the end results are what I was looking for in this Moose.