Needle Felting a Camel – the needle felting process

I am currently working on the animals for a nativity scene and just finished my very first camel. I share the entire needle felting process in a short video below. The video shows the process from the start, beginning with finding pictures to inspire me and quickly going through the shaping and felting of the rest of the body.

I have been needle felting for over 10 years and have been asked many times what kind of form I start with. It is hard to explain exactly how needle felting works to someone that has only seen my sculptures and not the process. I try to explain that I do not use a form but in the end usually leave people confused as to how I get the shape right. The video will show the process I go through and that needle felting is very much sculpting with wool.

Are you interested in learning my needle felting techniques? If you are a beginner or have been felting for a long time you will find value in this membership. You will have full access to all of my online video courses along with access to the private forum where you can ask me questions in the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy.  I would love to guide you through all of the steps it takes to create amazing needle felted sculptures. New courses and trainings are added often and the Academy continues to grow.


Joining Teresa’s needle felting academy is a great investment and learning tool. Her clear instructions, coupled with great pictures of her sweet wool creatures, make it easy for beginners, like me, to be successful in our felting endeavors. Recently, I purchased the Dragon Kit and was amazed at all that came with it…2 felting needles, foam, written instructions with pictures, lovely colored wool and a set of glass eyes. With 5 projects now completed and searching for my 6th, it’s safe to say, I’m enjoying every minute of my new felting journey at Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy.