Exciting News, and it’s all about Black Sheep!

  1. We Sheared our sheep and the most exciting part was shearing the Wensleydales for the first time.  I was surprised at how much heavier the Wensleydale fleece was compared to our other breeds.  It is quite perfect and I have washed it already and have it displayed in my living room to enjoy and fondle each time I walk by.  🙂  The wool from Scooby our Wensleydale ram is my favorite with its perfect grey curls with brown tips all beautiful and lustrous.  I have waited to have wool from my very own Wensleydales for a long time.

2.  By popular demand I have released my newest needle felting kit . . . The Black Sheep kit.  It is basically the same as my white sheep kit only black, so it is perfect for beginners.  You have asked for a black sheep kit for years and it is finally here.  I usually design one new kit a year, but since this was an easy design or variation of my white sheep kit, I will definitely be coming out with another “all new” kit as well this year.

3.  I am going to the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon in June!  I am so excited for this event.  I will have my kits, wool and needle felted art available for sale.  If you live in the area I would love to meet you so please stop in and say hi.  I am looking forward to fellowship with other shepherds, the sheep and wool shows and so much more.