Bringing Wool to Life  

     It starts with an idea, some wool, pictures and a felting needle.  The sculpture doesn’t resemble very much in the beginning, but I did have some people guess what it was going to be by this picture.  

Moose beginnings

The Expression brings them to life!

My favorite part of every sculpture is the head, specifically the eyes and mouth.  This gives them their own unique personality.


My least favorite part

My least favorite but very important part of the sculpture for me is the legs.  There is wire in the legs to keep them stable, and it is not very enjoyable to felt around wire.  The legs are time consuming and require much patience.


More working around wire!

The antlers also need wire for stability and bunches of patience.  Working around the wire is challanging to say the least in this step.  It is important to get the antlers even on each side as well as felting narrow points.


It is always a fantastic feeling to finish a sculpture!  I love taking their pictures almost as much as I do sculpting them.  During the entire process, I become very attached to my creations which makes them very difficult to package up and send on to their new homes.  This is my 5th moose and he is going to live with moose #4 who is a mom with two babies that I made in 2014.