I want to give you a small glimpse into what life is like here at Bear Creek in the spring.  We have 42 healthy lambs running around and lambing is officially over for the year.  We are yet in the midst of calving with new arrivals everyday.  Before we even began lambing we ordered 4 ducklings that lived in the house for about a week while waiting for their little chick friends to show up so that they could all live together in the chicken coupe.  Having the ducklings in the house was fun on the slightly wintery first days of spring.

Along with all the amazing things that happen on a farm in the spring there has to be some sadness.  I had remarkably good mothers to work with during lambing this year which makes taking care of them so much easier.  We lost one lamb named Honcho after many attempts to save him.  He was born a twin and very small.  We tubed the milk right into his tummy as he wasn’t able to nurse on his own, but there was evidently more wrong with him than we were able to help with.  Some years we have experienced epidemics of things going wrong where there is tragedy after tragedy and so I am happy to say that we lost only one this year.

We had an adorable set of triplets who need supplementation from us as their mom doesn’t have enough milk for three, so we prepare bottles for them everyday and enjoy a little snuggle with them when finished.

The best part of spring is watching the lambs and calves playing, they have so much energy for running with extra kicks and hops for added pleasure.

The only thing that we are missing so far is baby kittens, but I hear some are on the way.  I share pictures of our farm life on Facebook and Instagram daily if you are interested in following our adventures.  Enjoy some of my favorite pictures of this spring below.