Tips for Keeping Your Crafts Organized Our beloved craft spaces—oh how easily they can get out of hand! Whether you have a hallway closet that is bursting at the seams or you took it upon yourself to turn the kitchen table into a craft zone, there’s a good chance you could use a bit of organization in this new year.

Needle felting is supposed to be an escape from the rest of the world. But how can you get into a good rhythm when you’re elbowing piles of paper and have clutter that seems to be coming out of every corner of your house?

Now’s the time to tidy up, organize, and truly make room for all the beautiful creations you’re going to take on this year. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, you can easily transform your chaotic craft space into an organized place that you’ll enjoy day after day.

Protect Your Wool

Moths love to dine on agricultural products. But after you spend money on sourcing high-quality wool for your needle felting projects, the last thing you want is to have to toss it because of pesky insects!

Back in the day, mothballs would have been an ideal solution to protect your materials. But because they’re filled with harmful chemicals such as paradichlorobenzene, you’ll be much better off creating a DIY version.

Using an airtight container, a simple dryer ball, and some lavender essential oil, you can create a neat place to store your wool—plus it will smell fantastic!

Simply douse your dryer balls with a few drops of lavender essential oil (rosemary, cloves, and thyme are also wonderful natural repellants), place them in an airtight bin with your wool, and stow away neatly until you’re ready to sit down for a new creation.

Create A Crafting Caddy

To stay organized at the grocery store, you bring a list so you can easily keep track of everything you need to buy, right? Well, to organize your crafting supplies, you’ll want to have one designated place, so you know what you have on hand and what you need to stock up on!

With a crafting caddy like this one, you can store all your essentials! Whether you want to carve out a comfy spot at your desk or feel like relaxing on the sofa, when you’re done crafting for the night, you just have to neatly pack up your caddy, and you’re all set!

Now, instead of shuffling through the cupboard looking for a specific needle, you’ll know exactly where to find all of your tools. You have more time for crafting, and you never have to worry about misplacing a thing!

Display Or Stow Away?

Let’s be honest, not every craft is going to end up on your mantle! And for the masterpieces that simply don’t make the cut, you’re going to want to find a simple solution for keeping them organized and accessible, long after you’ve completed the project.

Create a keepsake box for the closet! Store the creations you don’t want on display, and you’ll have the opportunity to reach into this vault whenever you see fit. Perhaps you have little ones visiting your house? Or maybe, you’d like to donate some of your pieces? Whatever choice you make, your beautiful pieces are neatly out of sight, but not out of mind!

Find Your Own Routine

Have you ever looked at craft room inspiration online? Wow! There are people out there who really have a knack for design, organization, and of course, crafts! But if you’re like most of us, you probably don’t have enough space to transform an entire room in your house (at least until the kids move out).

The good news is this, you don’t have to! By creating an inviting space within your living room, kitchen, or den, you’ll feel more than comfortable pulling out your supplies and getting started on your latest project—free from clutter, stress, and everything else that happened earlier in the day!

Sometimes, the rituals behind the things we do are just as important as the activities themselves. Grab a cup of something delicious, sit down with your craft caddy, and get to work!

Whether you’re a felter, knitter, or crocheter, it’s safe to say that crafting can quickly consume your life. But that doesn’t mean it has to consume your home as well!

Now that you’ve made space in your home, are you ready to make space in your heart for a community of crafters? We’d love for you to join the Bear Creek Felting Academy! Learn new tips and techniques that will take your needle felting projects to new heights. I’ll be there with feedback and guidance to ensure you’re supported every step of the way. Click here to sign up and learn more!