Every year I go through the needle felted sculptures that I completed during the year and pick my favorites. I narrow it down to 10 sculptures. It is fun to look back over the years and see how my art has grown and changed.  The rest of the year is filled in with making snowmen and Bear Creek Bunnies  as well as designing needle felting kits and courses for the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy.

Needle felting is a time consuming process, so I am usually happy to get at least 10 bigger, intricate needle felted sculptures completed within a year. Some of these animals have shown up in other years top 10’s however they are not the same sculpture. They all are created with their own unique personality and never look the same.

  • This is my second Scottish Highlander and this one was made while creating the Scottish Highlander course for my Academy.
  • The Camel and Puppy were also created while putting together courses for the Academy.
  • The Gotland sheep is made out of Gotland wool and was made for my Needle Felting through the Sheep Breeds blog series.
  • The plants will be a new course added to the Academy in 2019.
  • The snowman was quite the achievement for me as he is the 1,000th snowman I have made!
  • I didn’t get as many Bear Creek Bunnies made as I usually do this year, but this one is my favorite.
  • The Clydesdale #2 was made as a birthday gift for one of my best customers.
  • The Baby Rhino was an idea I had for a beginner needle felting kit. I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to try and make one so I put the idea aside. The overwhelming response at the One of a Kind Show in Chicago this year says there will be a Rhino Kit in the future.
  • The gray and white Pumpkins are a favorite of mine. They are easy to make and I think they look beautiful made with the natural colors from my sheep.

Most of the sculptures seen here are sold. You can find some of them in my Etsy shop or right here on my website.

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