Last year I started the tradition of selecting my top 10 favorites of the year.  It was easier last year for some reason, this year I had a hard time narrowing it down.  Here is what I came up with.  My favorite sculptures of 2013:


One of my favorites from 2013.  What I love most about him is that he is unique, not too many needle felted Water Buffalo out there.  🙂

This little boy bunny has made me smile ever since he was completed.  He was very photogenic as well.  🙂

This little fawn turned out pretty cute.  I ventured out of my African animal infatuation here.  🙂

A giraffe made it into last years top 10 as well.  This is my second giraffe and I love him as much as the first.

This little bunny family was made for my cousin.  I had so much fun coming up with the different bunny antics in this collection.

Love the simplicity of this Polar Bear.  He looks like he might have been easy but it took me hours and hours to get all the lumps in all the right places.  🙂

This was my 3rd donkey I have made.  I love his grin and I love working with my grey romney wool.

I was inspired to make this Clydesdale after the Super Bowl.  🙂  He is big and was a challange, but I was super pleased with the results.

I loved these bunnies so much!  I was sad to see them go as they made me smile everyday.  🙂  They are so happy.

Needle Felted Longhorn Bull by Teresa Perleberg

My all time favorite sculpture of 2013 is the Longhorn Bull.  I loved each and every spot.  🙂  He is grinning too, by the way.  He brought the most oohs and ahs at all the shows and won Grand Champion at our local County Fair.  I love to make cattle and he was a fun choice.

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