I signed my kids up for pottery classes this last year and things haven’t been the same around here since.  We now travel the 25 miles to town once a week to play with clay and other wonderful artsy stuff.  When you drive 25 miles to town you don’t just drop your kids off at pottery class and go home.  I would stay and play with clay as well.  We started out with pinch pots, coil and slab construction.  I made an adorable yarn bowl with the coil construction.  We have even tried our skill with the pottery wheel with some success.  We all need a bit more work in that area.

I began sculpting clay by making a small bird, moved onto a sheep and then a duck.  They turned out ok, but this is the first project I am willing to share with you!  🙂

I chose to make an elephant because my glazing skills are a bit lacking.  I thought it would be easy to glaze a gray elephant.  Plus I had recently sculpted an elephant out of wool and the elephant structure was still fresh in my mind.

Now that the kids and I are making stuff every week we will need to consider adding on to the house!  🙂

clay elephant sculptureclay elephant sculpture by Teresa Perlebergclay elephant