At Bear Creek Felting, we’re obsessed with all things textiles, all things creative, and all things craftsmanship. It’s who we are. It’s what we do!

That said, some phenomenal things are happening in our world today when it comes to sustainability & manufacturing. Designers, artists, and crafters are flipping the industry on its head, unafraid to experiment, mix materials, and make waves.

Take a look at some of the coolest things going on in this space today!

Swedes Take On Sheep

Ever heard of Norrfjärden? This tiny town in Sweden is about to make big moves in the fashion industry by taking one material that most Swedish farmers toss in the trash: Wool!

In this Nordic country, most wool is imported from New Zealand or Australia, while 86% of local wool is thrown away simply because it is considered a byproduct of sheep that are sold for meat.

A New Sweden is a company producing all of its garments using solely Swedish materials—that means no chemicals, no plastic materials, and as a result, no microplastic pollution! Can you imagine the impact it would make on our planet if more brands took a slow, sustainable approach?

Get Cool In the Gang

All fashion brands of the future will have to build a foundation of sustainability, and DIY knitting & crochet brand, Wool and the Gang take this message one step further by upcycling materials to make their very own, ingenious textiles.

Fiber innovation and sustainable materials are essential to this brand. So what’d they do? They launched a variety of unique vegan yarns. From yarn made of denim waste to a ‘New Wave’ yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, it took the Wool and the Gang team five years to find the right blend, so if you want to crochet your way into sustainability, you’ll want to keep an eye on this line.

Running In Wool

With garment durability talks buzzing in all American fashion spaces, the last frontier seems to be active wear. That’s going to change soon! At this year’s Scandinavian Outdoor Award, the winner of the most sustainable product was Aclima Fleece Wool.

In other parts of the world, wool is growing in popularity in sports and outdoor wear. It seems that everyone is starting to notice how versatile, durable, and sustainable this amazing textile is. Fingers crossed that this sustainability trend will catch fire in the states soon!

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