Know Your Wool: Working With RomneyFrom Merino and Cashmere to Cormo and Wensleydales, there are so many different types of wool for us to choose from. However, not all fleeces are ideal for every project.

You might think I’m a little biased, considering I raise Romney sheep, but felters all over the globe would agree, this type of wool is optimal for crafting! Romney is the go-to for many crafters because of its durable, yet soft texture. You’ll even find it weaved into your favorite winter scarf or pair of hiking socks.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to pick wool for your next craft, when there are loads of varieties on the market, you’re going to want to read on to understand why Romney is a safe bet. You don’t have to be a rancher to see the Romney difference!

A Brief History

Romney sheep thrive in all kinds of environments which makes them a mainstay in farming communities around the globe. The original Romney marsh sheep is one of the oldest known breeds. It lived in low-lying land near the English channel and looked almost nothing like the evolved animal we know today.

Romney is often referred to as the “best-known sheep in the world,” and considering their presence in Europe, New Zealand, America, and beyond, I’d have to agree. Because of their original habitation in the dreary winters of England, the breed evolved to withstand all of the problems that come with moisture.

From their black hooves that are resistant to footrot to their excellent fertility rates, these sheep can withstand a whole lot. This makes them ideal for our family who lives in North Dakota (Do I even need to go into the kind of weather we see during the winter months?).

These animals are excellent foragers, easily adaptable, and relatively resistant to disease. They’ve transformed my life, and they also started my sheep addiction!

Romney & Your Crafts

Romney is wildly versatile and can be used in clothing and crafts. This semi-lustrous and oh-so-soft fleece is also perfect for all of your needle felting needs.

The length of longwool such as Romney creates decadent textures when using them for your needle felted pieces. When you match this soft yet sturdy texture with the multitude of colors these sheep naturally produce, you’ll see why this is an optimal choice—not to mention the fair price you’ll pay for the value you receive.

When I first started crafting, I only worked with Romney wool. Its durability is unmatched, especially when you’re talking about the constant stabbing we needle felters do to produce stunning figurines and quaint keepsakes.

We have been raising our sheep in Fort Ransom, North Dakota since 2006, and what started with four cute animals roaming our farm has now turned into around 100 head, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

I love needle felting, but I also enjoy the feeling I get when I provide artisans with quality wool from sheep who are treated with dignity and respect. They’re part of our family, and we work to ensure integrity with the way the animals and wool are handled.

If you’re a beginner trying to figure out how to get started in your crafting journey, you’re in the right place. I love crafting. I love wool. And more than anything, I love sharing my passion with inquisitive crafters just like you!

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