Will You Be My Valentine?

Will You Be My Valentine?

I’ve always been a little obsessed with Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure if it’s the candy, the flowers, the colors, the romance, or a little bit of everything. Whatever it is, Valentine’s Day is just one of those special days of the year. We all need excuses to...

Needle Felting Academy

Merry Christmas from Bear Creek Felting! Claim 25% off your Academy Membership using coupon code MERRYXMAS25. Oh what fun it is to felt! Day(s) : Hour(s) : Minute(s) : Second(s) Create high-quality needle felting projects that impress. Whether you’re a beginner needle...

Join the Needle Felting Academy

  If you’ve ever found yourself in the midst of a needle felting project, brimming with excitement from your purchased kits, yet faced the disappointment of not achieving the desired results – you’re not alone. Many passionate crafters like yourself...
A New Habit for Harvest Time

A New Habit for Harvest Time

Since ancient times, autumn has been a season of abundance and transformation…but also renewal and creativity. You can feel it in the air as it gets nice and crisp, like everything is settling in as it should be. Plus, it’s hard not to be inspired as the...
Celebrating Our Amazing Oceans with the Fiber Arts

Celebrating Our Amazing Oceans with the Fiber Arts

Bear Creek Farm is more than 1,000 miles from either coast, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love and cherish the ocean here! Our oceans are vital to our planet’s health. They drive the climate, release oxygen, and produce food for people all around...

Free Needle Felting Basics eBook!

Basics Felting EBook
  • What is Needle Felting
  • What's so Special about the Wool?
  • Needle Felting Lingo you Should Know
  • How do I start?
  • What Tools do I need?