I have experimented with different types of wool over the years and found that they all felt differently. Over the last ten years we have been improving the wool in our flock paying special attention to how well it felts. You can rest assured that you are getting the best wool for the best felting experience. The “go to” wool for everyone is Merino but Merino is not the best for needle felting and can be very frustrating to use for those just beginning this craft.

Bear Creek Wool is the BEST!!! It is the only wool I order to felt animals. It is immaculately clean, soft and silky and excellent to work with. Bear Creek wool “behaves” easily with no stray fibers sticking out of your project that need to be trimmed and secured. The Romney sheep have fabulous wool that is comforting not only to work with but also for the little person receiving a favorite animal gift. Do not miss the opportunity to work with this wool roving. You will become a fan too.” Kay Younginger

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