Needle Felting with Corriedale Wool

Needle Felting with Corriedale Wool

Felting Corriedale Wool I have been asked many times over the years what my favorite wool is in regards to needle felting.   I had mainly used Romney wool since that is the breed of sheep we own, so I didn’t feel like I really knew that answer.   We have...

One of a Kind Show Chicago 2016

Much thought, time and effort is put into preparing for the One of a Kind Show in Chicago each year.  This is the biggest show that I attend and this is my 3rd year to participate with over 600 hundred artists from around the world.  The show takes place in the...
Top 10 Needle Felted Sculptures of 2015

Top 10 Needle Felted Sculptures of 2015

I had great plans of putting this post together at the end of 2015 but time got away from me.  I didn’t want to get too far away from 2015 without sharing my top 10 needle felted sculptures of 2015.  Every year I go through the sculptures that I completed during...

Needle Felting at Bear Creek

While enjoying the Christmas season with family and friends I also completed a few needle felting projects.  I was excited to find an artist who makes realistic looking miniature antlers before Christmas.  We worked together to come up with a way to make them work...

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