While enjoying the Christmas season with family and friends I also completed a few needle felting projects.  I was excited to find an artist who makes realistic looking miniature antlers before Christmas.  We worked together to come up with a way to make them work with my needle felted animals.  I received my antlers shortly before Christmas and was extremely anxious to get started.  I started that afternoon on my first whitetail buck.  The Whitetail antlers were a bit bigger than expected, but I was still pleased.  I was able to make the buck to fit his antlers, he just doesn’t fit in very well with the rest of his felted friends on the shelf.  A moose and elk are on the way in the near future, with many more antlered animals to come.  The moose and elk antlers are more to scale than the whitetail, so they should fit in nicely.  Thanks Ralph Tretheway for your beautiful work!

I made a White Christmas Bear Creek Bunny years ago and decided it was time to make some more.  I made three this Christmas and they were a big hit.  I will definitely be making more next Christmas Season and hopefully bringing some to Chicago with me to the One of a Kind Show.   

I will be busy restocking my almost empty Etsy shop, making bunnies, snowmen, antlered animals, sheep plus a new kit or two in 2016.

Thank you for a wonderful year!  I hope you all had a blessed Christmas season and Happy New Year!