It’s no secret that 2020 has been full of trials and challenges! It’s easy to get bogged down by everything you’re seeing on the news and social media — from COVID-19 to racism in our nation being exposed, the tensions are high and it can weigh heavily on our physical and mental health.

Here at Bear Creek Felting, we know it’s important to engage in these topics and we believe it’s best to do so from a place of reflection, positivity, and a spirit of change.

Of course, needle felting won’t end racism or cure COVID, but we believe that the benefits of taking up needle felting as a craft go far deeper than adorable little felt creations.

Here are four ways needle felting can help you make a positive difference in the world today!

1. Needle felting will quite literally make you a happier human!

Did you know that needle felting and similar crafts are scientifically proven to make people happier? From reducing stress to helping you build confidence, crafting does wonders when it comes to mental health. In fact, when you’re needle felting, the reward center in our brain begins to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that signals something pleasurable. In turn, we end up wanting to do more of this satisfying activity, ultimately making us happier overall!

Of course, when we are happier people, those around us are happier, making an impact on our communities and the world at large.

2. Needle felting projects allow for time to reflect and formulate our thoughts

How often are you tempted to repost something on social media the moment you see it? In today’s atmosphere, it’s easy to make split decisions about a controversial topic, not allowing yourself the necessary time and space to form your own thoughts and beliefs. By nature, needle felting requires attention and focus, so turn off your TV, grab your project, and take some uninterrupted time to really consider what you believe, what you want the world around you to look like, and how you can play a role in spreading love and positivity.

3. Needle felting builds community 

We all could use a little less time watching the news and a little more time building community and friendships! What better way to connect with others than over a shared hobby! Here at Bear Creek, we are passionate about the role needle felting plays in creating lasting community. That’s why we started our Needle Felting Academy! Not only will you have access to courses and continued support and feedback from us, but you’ll also have an amazing opportunity to engage with fellow needle felters from around the world!

4. Needle felting creations make the perfect pick-me-up gift for friends

I mean, who doesn’t love adorable little felted creatures? If you know of a friend who could use a little love during this time, consider making needle felting their favorite animal as a surprise gift for them!

Maya Angelou once wrote, “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” Not only does giving a gift to your friend show them that you love them, but it will also bring joy to the hurting parts of your own soul.

How are you using your hobbies and passions to spread love and kindness this year? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below!

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