It’s common to hear someone say, “Oh, I don’t have time to pick up a hobby, plus I’m too stressed!” But what if a craft like needle felting was just what the doctor ordered?

It turns out researchers are proving what crafters have known all along. Creative pursuits and hobbies like needle felting are beneficial to our mental health in several ways. Further, the state we get into when we are fully absorbed in what we are doing – often called “flow” – has similar benefits to meditation. 

During a creative endeavor like needle felting, not only is our mind focused on our project, but the motion of our hands works to settle the nervous system. We are actively soothing our emotions and letting the rest of the world fade to the background.

Even Einstein was a Knitter

It’s true, Albert Einstein was known to pick up knitting needles to help clear his mind between projects. This type of mindfulness is getting the attention of neuroscientists who are now formally studying the long term impact of creative habits which fully engross us. So far, the results demonstrate reductions in stress, depression, and anxiety.

Needle felting is a great way to expand your creativity while also tapping into the properties that make it a therapeutic pursuit. Even while you are still learning, you will be focused on your project instead of the day’s concerns.

For me, needle felting is a daily habit – and not just because it’s my business! I find that it centers me to pick up a project for a few minutes, even when I’m pressed for time. It grounds me, clears my mind, and allows me to feel like I accomplished something in an otherwise hectic day.

Mindfulness is at Your Fingertips

Getting started with needle felting is easy and low cost – another reason it will reduce stress! Start with a beginner kit, and you’ll soon be enjoying the meditative benefits. Choose a time of day where you will be able to focus on your new project and let the rest of the world recede.

As with a daily meditation practice, regular needle felting will increase the health benefits while increasing your confidence. If you’re already a needle felting pro, try carving out dedicated time for your creations regularly. Not only will you reap the health benefits, but you’ll also make progress on your gift list!

Think you might want to give needle felting a try? The Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy offers the support and direction you need to get started. Plus you’ll be part of a community of creatives who generously share their tips and experiences. I’ll be there too to help you create enchanted animals for yourself and others. Click here to learn more!  

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