I just finished making my first Cow sculpture out of clay.  Working with clay is so much different than working with wool.  It has been fun working with a different medium and I still have so much to learn.  Hopefully she comes out of the kiln ok. Cow Sculpture by Teresa Perleberg

You may wonder why I would choose to make a cow?  I love cows.  🙂  I have been around cattle all my life and have had the opportunity to study every part of them.  I can almost work without a picture but not quite.   I grew up with cows, working with them daily, breaking them to lead and showing them etc.
clay cow sculpture

I look forward to sharing the pictures of the finished project.  I am nervous about glazing her and how she will look in the end, but I will share pictures either way, I promise.  🙂

My First Clay Cow Sculpture Part 2
sheep at bear creek

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