Creating the treasure of memoriesI was headed home from town the other day, a good 30 minute drive for me. As my car bent left, then right, and then left again along the winding roads, leaves began falling, gently blowing across the road looking almost translucent as the golden rays of the sun worked to permeate them. I noticed little curls of smoke coming from the chimneys of my neighbors’ homes and the delicious smell of wood burning in the fireplaces filled my senses. All these things were working in concert to signal the arrival of a cooler, crisper season. And in the midst of it all, I was reminded how much I love this time of year – it’s finally fall!

There are so many things that make fall one of my favorites. I love the colors; the rich reds, golden yellows and the oranges – oh, the oranges! I love the outfits – my cowboy boots, slouchy scarves and my jean jacket. But most of all, (and this is the very best part) I love that fall brings a time of gathering together with the ones that mean the most to me. Isn’t that the best?

A great way to enjoy time with family and friends is to learn a new craft together. The key to creating an inviting, relaxing experience for everyone is to keep your project simple and keep it fun. Choose projects like the beginner needle felting kits available from Bear Creek Felting. They offer a variety of cute designs ranging from a precious little lamb to a traditional turkey to a very distinguished penguin to a jolly little snowman and more! There’s practically a design for every season!

In the end, it’s all about hosting an event where everyone can feel comfortable. By the time your visit is over, you may have discovered a new passion. You will have definitely made lots of great memories. And maybe, just maybe you will have added a new tradition of felting for you, your family and your friends!