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Snowman Needle Felting Kit (Super Easy Beginner)


Best Seller! One of my most popular kits.  Super easy, my easiest kit and perfect for beginners and kids.

Learn how to needle felt an adorable snowman with this easy-to-follow kit!

This kit includes everything you need to create your own unique snowman, including high-quality wool, felting needles, a felting cushion, and detailed instructions with photos. No sewing, knitting, or crocheting skills are required.

The wool in this kit was grown by Teresa Perleberg, a felting artist and shepherd. It is the same wool that Teresa uses in her own projects, so you can be sure that you are getting the best possible quality.

The finished snowman measures approximately 6-8 inches tall, depending on how firmly it is felted. It is a great project for all ages, and it makes a wonderful gift for the needle felting enthusiast in your life.


  • Complete kit: This kit includes everything you need to complete the project.
  • No cushion and needles: This option is for those who already have a felting cushion and needles.
  • Kit with wool cushion: This kit includes everything in the complete kit except the foam cushion is replaced with a specially designed wool felting cushion.
Best Seller

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Materials to make another Snowman

Everything you need to make another snowman!

Once you have learned how to Needle felt your own snowman using Bear Creek Felting's Snowman Kit, you may want to make more.

I have put together all the materials you will need to make another snowman.

Find the Snowman Needle Felting kit that includes instructions and materials here

The needles, felting cushion and instructions are not included in this kit. This kit contains only the materials needed to make one more snowman, and is put together in the same manner as shown in the instructions that are in the Snowman Needle Felting Kit.

The contents of this kit may be confusing if you have not purchased the “Snowman Kit” directions first.

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Additional information

Weight 4.3 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in
Kit Choices

Kit With Wool Cushion, Kit without needles and cushion, Complete Kit




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Snowman Needle Felting Kit:

Learn how to needle felt this adorable Snowman with me, Felting artist and Shepherd Teresa Perleberg.  The Snowman Needle Felting kit is one of my best selling kits.  It is the easiest kit that I have designed.  It is perfect for all ages with fantastic results.

*Everything you need as well as detailed instructions with high quality photographs of each step.

*All my kits are designed for beginners, the instructions will teach you everything you need to know even if you have never heard of felting before.

* No sewing, knitting or crocheting skills are needed to complete this project.

*The wool included in this kit was grown by my flock of sheep. High quality wool that is perfect for felting detailed, firm, high quality sculptures. This is the wool that allows me to create beautiful art and is what I use in all my projects.

What you will find in your Snowman Needle Felting kit:

~ Wire for arms
~ High quality Romney wool from my flock of sheep
~ Felting Cushion
~ Felting Needles
~ Detailed instructions with high quality photos of each step by Teresa Perleberg
All enclosed in a resealable bag and shipped promptly.

1. Complete kit – This kit has everything listed above, and is everything you need to complete this kit.

2. No cushion and needles – I offer this option for those who would like to purchase more than one kit. You will only need one set of needles and one cushion for multiple felting projects. Please note that I remove the cushion and needles from a complete kit for this option. The packaging will stay the same and will state that the cushion and needles are included even though they have been removed.
Packaged in a resealable plastic bag that is suitable for gift giving.

3. Kit W/Wool Cushion – This kit includes everything listed above except we trade out the foam cushion for our specially designed wool felting cushion. We designed it ourselves and manufacture them right here at Bear Creek with, you guessed it, our very own wool. This is a great choice if you plan on doing more felting in the future. The wool felting cushion should last you a lifetime where foam cushions need replacing in between projects. Bundled together here at a reduced price to get you started with the best supplies.

*Children 10 and under should have adult supervision for this project as it contains sharp needles.  Kids of all ages love my kits!

The finished project measures, approximately 6-8 inches tall depending on how firmly it is felted.

A video Course on making this snowman is available in the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy. (you must be a member to access the course)

snowmanWant to take your Snowman to the next level? Order our pattern for a customized Hat and Scarf! You will need basic knitting skills. If you don’t know how to knit, there are some great tutorials on YouTube that can teach you the simple stitches needed to complete this cute accessory set!

Order the Hat and Scarf Knitting Pattern here.

>Yarn is not included in this kit.<

Order Yarn for snowman hat and scarf here.

Order the Snowman Kit Bundle Here.



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