DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree with homemade felt Christmas ornaments this year or make ornaments to give as gifts to teachers, Sunday School teachers or friends and family.  I have been asked if I have designed any kits on how to make needle felted ornaments for the Christmas tree.  It turns out that my kits can be made into ornaments quite easily, either with wire or with yarn.  Wire can easily be poked right into the top of any of the projects completed in my needle felting kits and used to hang them on the tree.  You can also use yarn and a darning needle to attach a hanger to any of the projects.

The smaller kit designs for felt Christmas ornaments such as the bear, hippo, bunny, dragon, penguin or mouse work the best and look adorable on the tree.  I can picture an entire tree full of hippos made by each member of your family this Christmas, all with their very own personalities.

Felt Christmas ornaments are a fun memory making activity to do as a family as you gather this Christmas season.


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