Fall in Love with Felting AgainIt’s hard to believe that summer’s half over. While I’ll miss the warm weather, I must admit I look forward to that crisp autumn breeze … and of course, the pleasure of cozying up with some hot cider and my latest needle-felting project!

So, I’m looking ahead to fall 2022, and I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hosting an all-inclusive Needle Felting Weekend! I expect we’ll fill up quickly, so I want to give you a head start. Whether you’re a needle-felting newbie or a seasoned pro, whether you are familiar with Bear Creek or just meeting us, I welcome you to join us!

Since ancient times, autumn has been the season when we relax after the high-energy summer. We harvest the vegetables that diligently grew as we played in the sun. The days slowly get shorter until the day and night are the same length (the equinox). The following month is a magical time culminating in what we now call Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve.

That’s when we’ll have our retreat and start restoring our creative spirits. Hopefully by then, we’ll have finished our summer felting projects and be ready to start our winter docket!

We definitely had a busy year, from our African projects featuring hippos, giraffes, and elephants (oh my! to our amazing Nome Ewe-niversity. It’s been a lot of hustle and bustle as we’ve launched new workshops, hosted various fiber arts activities, and started fundraising for our “farm to fiber experience.” (Psst — You can learn more about our flock and sponsor an animal here!)

In sum, I’m eager for a refreshing cooldown this fall (literally and figuratively). After our Needle Felted Mobile Retreat in August, we’ll be gearing up for winter. Our flock will be regrowing their fleece, our Nome Schoolhouse chef Libbie will be refining her comfort-food recipes, and I for one will be breaking out all my fall wool colors! 

I hope you’ll join us for the Needle Felting Weekend. We’ll be making cornucopias to celebrate the harvest season, although you’re welcome to bring your own projects as well! Plus, we’ll enjoy some of Libbie’s farm-to-table cooking plus a tour of the Dakota Fiber Mill. Personally, I can’t wait! You can reserve your spot and book your room for this All-Inclusive Needle Felting retreat here. Don’t forget to stock up on felting supplies.

Need some more fall felting ideas? Stock up now — summer will be over before we know it! My Needle Felting Academy students have exclusive access to some kits, such as this miniature flock of sheep. You can make your own fluffy friends while ours are growing in their winter coats!

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