Getting Started Needle Felting Kit


Get started Needle Felting with the best materials available!

Felting Wool Sampler

A variety pack of our Best selling colors of Premium Bear Creek Romney Wool


Wool Needle Felting Cushion from Bear Creek Felting

The perfect work surface for your needle felting project!

Foam felting cushions wear out fast and cause bits of foam to get stuck to your project. I have been contacted many times by customers that are concerned with the potential toxic chemicals that might be released from the foam while felting. I don't know if we are endangered by toxic chemicals when we use one and have not fully researched this but the thought of this actually happening is a bit discomforting. We also should consider that we go through several foam cushions while felting and the impact that they might be having on the environment after we toss them into the garbage.

This needle felting cushions are all natural wool that is grown here in North Dakota by local farmers.

My favorite surface to felt on! Colors will Vary (they will not be the exact colors pictured as we are using different wool each time we make them)

7 X 7 inch

6 Felting Needles | Size 36

A set of 6 felting needles

The size I use most often.

size 36 star



Needle Felting Starter Kit!

Start needle felting with the best materials for the best felting experience right from the start.

Getting Started Kit-

All the tools you will need to get started felting. A variety of colors of our premium needle felting wool, a wool felting cushion that will last a lifetime and 6 needles that work beautifully with Bear Creek Felting wool.

* colors will vary

Instructions are not included in the Starter kits. If you are looking for instruction check out the free Needle Felting Basics ebook mentioned below, check out my Needle felting kits that include everything you need to complete a project or for more personal instruction check out the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy.


All The materials in these starter kits are available to purchase separately here.


Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in

Wool Needle Felting Cushion from Bear Creek Felting


7 X 7 inch


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