Summer has come to an end, and with that comes shorter days, less time in the sun, and for some, Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as SAD). The most common form of SAD is winter depression, which impacts 4-6% of people, with an additional 10-20% of people potentially experiencing mild winter depression. While it tends to go away in the summer, the symptoms include weight gain, fatigue,
loss of motivation, and more, and can be difficult to deal with. In addition to light therapies, medications, and other doctor recommended SAD treatments, research suggests that developing and maintaining hobbies in the winter can be a powerful tool for beating wintertime sadness! Here at Bear Creek, we believe that needle felting is so much more than just a craft! In fact, crafts like needle felting have been proven to improve mental health! Here are just a few reasons why needle felting is a great weapon to have in your fight
against winter depression!

1. Keep your mind active by learning new things Physical activity may play an important role in fighting SAD, but so does mental activity!
Learning new skills is essential to our psychological well-being and helps us build confidence and be happier humans all around. What better way to keep your mind active this winter than by learning something new? Thankfully, needle felting provides endless opportunities for learning and growing as you develop new skills and try new projects.

2. Needle felting creates space for thought and mindfulness Cold days typically mean more screentime, however, needle felting is the perfect activity to swap out for your next Netflix binge. Fighting SAD requires heightened levels of intentionality and positivity, so find a cozy spot, grab your supplies, and make space for daily mindfulness and meditation alongside your needle felting project!

3. A natural antidepressant When we do things we love, our brains release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps
fight depression! This means that anytime you needle felt, you’re actually creating a natural antidepressant for your brain! Additionally, each time you see a project you’ve completed in the past, your brain releases more dopamine. How cool is that? While we definitely recommend listening to your doctor’s recommendations regarding medication, this little boost of dopamine is sure to get you that extra punch when
fighting your SAD this winter!

4. Continued connection and accountability For some, winter depression can result in a lack of motivation and a lower desire to
engage in social activities. Needle felting is an excellent way to create a community where connecting with others is easy and natural! Our Needle Felting Academy is a virtual community where you can grow your needle felting skills, connect with others, and find accountability and feedback on your latest needle felting projects! Interested in joining? Click here to check out our membership options!

We hope this inspires you to take up your needle felting projects this winter and fight winter depression doing something you love!

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