finding time to needle felt and why it's importantBe honest – how many half-finished craft projects do you have scattered in dark corners around your house? Hey – you’re not alone. It’s easy to lose momentum on a project, particularly when you have so precious few hours to devote to crafting. A lot of my students struggle with this. With children, spouses, jobs, extracurriculars, etc., when are you supposed to find time to needle felt?

For me, there are a few things that help. I’m not going to lie, though – the first thing is pretty boring.

Schedule Time

It seems both obvious and counterproductive. I mean, if needle felting is something I enjoy, why do I need to schedule it in? Well, at the end of the day, it’s really hard to convince yourself to do anything other than flop on the couch, grab a snack, and watch America’s Got Talent. Before you know it, a month has gone by, and that project you were going to finish tomorrow has gone the way of the last unicorn.

So what do you do? You schedule time. You decide that 8 pm to 9 pm on Tuesdays is needle felt o’clock. Then, when the time arrives, you grab your wool, and get to it! Fun fact: you can needle felt WHILE you watch America’s Got Talent, if you schedule it at that time.

Make It A Community Effort

It’s always easier to do things that are good for us if we have a buddy to do them with. So many people have gym buddies, why not have a felt buddy? You can hold each other accountable, and keep each other company as you stab at your respective wool. Who knows? You may even start your own Felting Circle full of new friends.

Alternately, you can designate a special parent-child felting time. Not only will you be teaching your child a new skill, and spending quality time together, but you’ll likely get better answers to “how was school today?” than just “fine”. When your kid feels like they’re not under a spotlight, they’re more likely to open up, and who doesn’t want that?

Why Making Time To Felt Is Important

Not only is felting so beneficial for your brain and mental health, the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get from actually completing a project is an important thing to have in these harried times. Between the boost of endorphins and the reduction in stress levels, why wouldn’t you want to make needle felting a regular part of your week?

If you need help getting started, why not join my academy? You’ll get access to video tutorials that you can watch together with your felting group, or on your own. And, if you get stuck on a project, there’s a community of felters just like you with their own tips, tricks, and hacks to create the most adorable felted masterpieces.

It’s time to make needle felting a regular habit! What’s your favorite way to schedule it in?