An Interesting Background to my Needle Felting Journey

Before Bear Creek Felting I was kept busy homeschooling my 4 children.  In our homeschool I helped my children learn Math, Science, Grammar, History and more, but above all encouraged them to follow their interests, learning everything they could about whatever interested them at the time.  They learned so much this way.  I would try to provide the resources and the time and space needed to pursue their newest interest and sit back and watch them learn.

My oldest was interested in electronics and computers and spent many years tearing things apart to learn how they worked and putting them back together.  He knows more about all the current electronic gadgets than anyone I know.  He recommends helpful tools for me before I even know they exist. We all consult him before purchasing anything from computers to phones because we know he continues to study and keep up on this subject.

Another son is very interested in mechanics and so I live with a continuous mess of torn apart machinery around the garage. He spends hours out there learning.  He’s beyond just changing the oil, he has replaced motors and built completely new vehicles from the scraps of old ones and more things that are beyond my comprehension.  🙂

My youngest is into mechanics along with his brother but has an added interest in the nurture and care of animals as well as hunting. Need some meat for supper?  He will hunt it down, skin it and cut it up, no problem.  He is also very handy to have around when working with animals, he has the patience to help a little lamb start nursing and he doesn’t get queasy around the veterinary work needing done on the farm, nothing is too disgusting for him.

I am amazed at how much they know about their different areas of expertise.  I don’t necessarily share all their interests but encourage and help as much as possible.  My daughter on the other hand developed certain interests that also peeked mine. Never did I dream that through homeschooling and helping my children follow their interests would help me discover a hidden gift as well.

In part 3 of this series find out what interests my daughter had that got me started on my needle felting journey.

Hint, it included needles but not the felting kind.  🙂